Our story

The Viani and Versilia

A family and its homeland

The story of the Viani family and the Ristorante Lorenzo began long ago, with events and characters that have inextricably linked the Viani name to Versilia forever. It was Lorenzo’s great-uncle, the famous expressionist painter and writer Lorenzo Viani (1882-1936) who shone a light on this corner of Tuscany through his paintings, sketches, books and articles. Thanks to his contact with the greatest intellectuals and artists of the early 20th century (D’Annunzio, Puccini, Boccioni, Ungaretti, Papini and Malaparte, to name but a few) and his international renown, Lorenzo Viani introduced the European upper classes of the Belle Époque to the beautiful white peaks of the Apuan Alps, the majestic coastline, and the authenticity of Versilia’s people.

Drawing on the same enthusiasm and sensitivity that drove his great-uncle, Lorenzo has dedicated his life to the restaurant, bringing the cuisine of Versilia, its extraordinary products and its flavoursome dishes to the fore. His love of this land and his thirst for excellence were what inspired him to open his own restaurant, firstly in Lido di Camaiore and then, in 1981, in Forte dei Marmi. Just like at the start, his passion for hospitality and his desire to please his guests continue to inspire his work each and every day. This worthy heir of his great-uncle has now passed the baton to the next generation of the family – his daughter Chiara – to carry on the Viani legacy of introducing Versilia to the world.